Patients’ Journey with Facelift365 Berkshire

Finding the best aesthetic clinic and choosing a cosmetic procedure is a challenging task. Here at Facelift 365 Berkshire, we make the process simpler and more convenient. Everything starts from a consultation to give our clients an idea of how we stand out from the competition as we have our Patients Journey to show for it.

Over the past decades, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound has been creating a buzz in different parts of the globe. While the number of customers skyrockets, service providers are no exception. Despite the variety of experts to rely on, we are the most sought-after specialist.

Step 1 : Consultation

Our consultation is confidential, informal, and relaxed. We usually explain available treatments that can reach your goals. More than that, the procedure itself is of the highest quality. Thanks to our team of certified and experienced professionals.

Step 2: Treatment Programme

After the consultation, you’ve probably chosen a treatment programme. From there, we will book the session at your most comfortable time and day. We are open 5 days a week, and our people are fast. We do not only get the procedure done right the first time, but we also ensure top-notch quality.

Step 3: Review & Maintenace

When the treatment is completed, what’s next? We will then assess your progress. We will discuss additional sessions if the need arises. Also advise our clients whether a maintenance procedure is necessary or not.

Reasons Why our Clients Love Us from our Patients Journey

  • No unreliable or dishonest sales tactics. Several experts specialise in HIFU. But most service providers use unreliable sales tactics. Facelift 365, on the other hand, is different and superb. There are no dishonest sales strategies. We make everything right, responsive and customised.
  • We have highly catered to our client’s needs. Every patient is unique. That’s why we do not have universal solutions. We only provide customised HIFU to exceed our patient’s requirements. We work with them as closely as possible and build a long-term relationship.
  • A doctor-led clinic. HIFU Berkshire is a technical job that requires a doctor’s skills and experience. A clinic without the right specialists can pose a danger. At Facelift 365, we are a doctor-led clinic. All our people are licensed, experienced, insured, and certified. We do not only have enough background on the procedure itself, but we also know how to use the required technology.
  • Detailed assessment. Before the operation, we assess our patient’s unique requirements to increase safety, maximise results, and avoid complications. We will then discuss the right options, and HIFU is among the non-invasive procedures you should try.
  • Confidentiality and privacy. Since our establishment, we take great pride in our confidential services. We always put a value on our client’s security. We also strive to protect your privacy and confidentiality. To make these things possible, we develop our technology and solutions.
  • Customer satisfaction is our primary aim. We care about our clients, so we strive to guarantee the best results. Customer happiness and enjoyment has been our number one priority since day one. This is the reason why we are the top provider for most of our patients in the country.
  • Quality results. HIFU and other non-invasive treatments are of good quality. But the level of safety can be compromised with an inexperienced specialist. At Facelift 365, we only provide the best procedure that delivers maximum results. Our people have wide expertise and unmatched commitment.
  • There are no hidden costs. Serving our patients for years now, we pride ourselves on a competitive rate. We stay upfront with the expenses. We do not add any hidden costs because we want you to save some cash over time.

For more information about our process, please contact us. We have a highly accommodating team who can respond to your concerns in no time.

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